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Joseph Fair Chiropractic is an outlet for athletes and active people to get answers about pain, injuries, biomechanics, stretching, nutrition, rehabilitation, and performance. We pride ourselves in finding the root cause of the pain and/or dysfunction and eliminating it. At Joseph Fair Chiropractic, we leave no stone unturned. We have coaches, physical therapists, radiologists, trainers, nutritionists, orthopedics, and strength and conditioning specialists that we have teamed up with to help you out NOW.

With A Mixture Of Clinical Backgrounds, Out Team Will Help You To Attack The Problem Head On!

We Understand The Healthcare Can Be Confusing And At Times Overwhelming. That is why We Pride Ourselves In Educating Our Patients So They Can Make The Best Decisions For Their Health.

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A Simple Fix For Neck & Shoulder Pain




Dr.Joe is the best!  He has helped to diagnose multiple injuries and help identify issues to help me prevent more.  He's also great at helping you work through your insurance and making that part easy.  My shoulder, back, neck, elbow has never felt better. If there was a 6 star option I would click that right away!!



Dr. Fair is amazing! Came in multiple times with severe chest pain and he was able to fix me right up and get to the root of the problem quickly. He is incredibly knowledgeable about body mechanics, especially for those who lead a very active lifestyle. He is professional and caring and always made sure to follow up with me to see how I was doing.



Dr. Joe is awesome. I was having headaches and numbness down my leg, which after a few adjustments have gone away. After years of a desk job and chronic bad habits with bad posture, he has helped show me how I can make changes to better my heath. His goal is to empower me to be an advocate for my own health and not to have to continue returning to him for the same problem. I love that he is teaching awareness instead of just rescheduling more visits! He also has done Active Release Technique and Breathing Techniques to get rid of the shoulder pain.

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"I was having some nerve tingling in my right leg and foot, and having never experienced this before, my friend recommended Dr.Fair to me. This being my first time seeing a chiropractor, I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience."



"After powerlifting for years, my elbow was really bothering me. I had pretty much given up all hope and then I met Dr.Joe! In just 1 visit, he completed fixed my elbow and I'm back in the gym! Thanks Doc!"



"I was struggling with a bad wrist and hip injury that took me away from CrossFit for more then 6 months. Once I started seeing Dr.Joe, within just a few visits I was able to start back up in the gym"