Foot Alignment

Since I talked briefly about the dangers of flat feet in the last post, I thought I would follow up with a foot question.

A patient asked me recently why a misaligned bone in her foot could be causing her low back pain.

This is a problem commonly missed with low back pain patients. As we walk, the bones in our feet are designed to move as we shift our weight from our heel (when we land on our from foot) to the balls of our feet (when we push off our feet). When a bone in the foot has moved out of its correct position it disrupts this cycle of movements and causes us to walk with a dysfunction. This RARELY will cause foot pain and if hard for someone to notice. Since their is no pain in the foot the person will continue to walk around and the problem will continue to move upward causing muscles and joint issues in the knee,hip, and lower back (much like the dropped arch I explain in the last post).

In our office we commonly see this problem with athletes, women that wear heels, and anyone wearing sandals frequently. Although it is common for others to have foot misalignments, we pride ourselves on looking to the feet as a standing exam procedure, just so we find anything that could be causing the problem. With multiple certifications in adjusting extremities, we will correct the misalignment and have you off in no time!

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