Shoulder Lockout

"Why can I not get my shoulder locked out to overhead squat correctly?”

This patient is a great example of a huge population in the Crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, tennis, volleyball, football and basketball community. Its very common that shoulder problems are an off and on complaint due to athletes learning how to cope and adapt to the limitation. While it is good that athletes can adapt, in the long run the athletes compensate by learning dysfunctional movement patterns that cost extra energy, strength, and efficiency. As these dysfunctions fester, injuries are just under the surface and can show up anytime.

Shoulder dysfunction can arise from a large group of problems. In this individuals case, he had tight internal rotators in the shoulder complex. Once we cleared that up, he could get his arm in the correct position for a proper overhead squat. Now, the long term CAUSE of the shoulder dysfunction came from the patient’s poor breathing patterns, and lack of thoracic mobility.

After helping with the tight muscles using Active Release Technique and IASTM, we had to reeducate the patient on proper breathing, and retrain proper shoulder timing.

These are all things the an average patient gets at our office. We treat each patient with a step by step clinically proven system that finds the root cause. If you are an athletes that is tired of struggling to reach your potential and would like to get answers to the questions you have, feel free to call our office at (209)247-3148 to see how we can solve you unique problem!

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