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Call Us: (209)521-1122
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What Our Patients Have To Say...

Anais Z.

"I was having some nerve tingling in my right leg and foot, and having never experienced this before, my friend recommended Dr.Fair to me. This being my first time seeing a chiropractor, I couldn't be more satisfied with my experience."

Blake A.

"I was struggling with a bad wrist and hip injury that took me away from CrossFit for more than 6 months. Once I started seeing Dr.Joe, within just a few visits I was able to start back up in the gym"

Betsy S.

Dr. Fair is amazing! Came in multiple times with severe chest pain and he was able to fix me right up and get to the root of the problem quickly. He is incredibly knowledgeable about body mechanics, especially for those who lead a very active lifestyle. He is professional and caring and always made sure to follow up with me to see how I was doing. Sad to see him leave the LA area because he's the best!

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  •  FREE Complete New Patient Examination
  •  FREE 1-On-1 Strategy Session
  •  FREE Onboarding Consultation
  • FREE Whole Body Cryotherapy
  • FREE Targeted Red Light Therapy
  • FREE Whole Body Vibration Therapy
  •  Gonstead Chiropractic Adjustment ... (Pay Just $50)
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More Happy & Satisfied Patients

Darcie W.

I can not express my satisfaction enough! Dr Joey is the best! I went in as a new patient in such pain wanting advice first, and he talked me through my symptoms and wanted to gain some knowledge of my health and activities before jumping right into the work. I also the next day felt 80% better!!! I'm like a new person. For a person with a rib out and barely able to function to being able to work pain free almost the next, this is phenomenal. Thank you Dr Joey!!

Ramsin B.

Dr. Fair I give 5 stars. The professionalism that comes from his office is what brings me back. Very experienced and not in a rush. Dr. Fair definitely takes his time with each patient, and that is really appreciative. His prices are better than most. I was referred to him, and now I'm referring him. Thank you Dr. Fair

Tonya H.

My 16 year old daughter wanted to go to a chiropractor after seeing a cool Australian chiropractor on YouTube. It turned out Dr. Fair knows him! 
Dr. Fair is amazing. He did adjustments and took the time to make sure we got all of our questions answered. 
On top of that he gave us pointers for my husband's lower back pain (even though he wasn't even there). AND.. he taught her how to do exercises to improve her teen posture. 

Shirley I.

He's on time, relatable, and very good at what he does. He answers questions thoroughly and really knows his practice! I highly recommend this Chiropractor.

Rich M.

Joe is an athlete and understands what athletes need to get back to their discipline of choice. He's got a detailed handle on rehab and mobility, along with being a great chiropractor. Highly recommended!

Aimee G.

I am a huge fan of A.R.T. and I am so happy to see this technique available in Modesto. Dr. Joseph is attentive and knowledgeable. His combined techniques helped to relieve pain in my shoulder, hip and upper back in just 2 visits. Thanks Dr. Joseph!!

Mike D.

SO NEEDED!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!
As a Ret 20yr. Military Vet. I have had back issues for years... I was going through it for awhile and decided I needed more then a quick fix. DOC. Took the time to explain in detail what could be happening after he LISTENED to me explain what been going on (even providing a few pics and a demonstration of what, where, and why). The appointment was maybe 30/45 mins, including the consultation.  
He made some quick adjustments and explained what was expected prior to each. The YES moment was an adjustment to my ankles/Feet.... the ankle cracked, tension in my hip popped, and it felt this space in my lower back finally returned!!!

Julie D.

Dr. Joe is awesome. I was having headaches and numbness down my leg, which after a few adjustments have gone away. After years of a desk job and chronic bad habits with bad posture, he has helped show me how I can make changes to better my heath. His goal is to empower me to be an advocate for my own health and not to have to continue returning to him for the same problem. I love that he is teaching awareness instead of just rescheduling more visits! He also has done Active Release Technique and Breathing Techniques to get rid of the shoulder pain. I really cant say enough about him. He really helped me get my life back! I would highly recommend!

Brian N.

I can't say enough good things about Joe! He is exceptionally good at what he does. His breadth of knowledge is unparalleled to any chiro doc I've worked with in the past. His expertise has been especially helpful as an athlete. He was able to help me identity movement patterns that were at the root of my chronic low back issues and my performance has improved dramatically. He's not about the quick fix, he cares about the longevity of health and it shows in his attention to detail.

James R.

Joey is the best! He has helped to diagnose multiple injuries and help identify issues to help me prevent more. He's also great at helping you work through your insurance and making that part easy. My shoulder, back, neck, elbow has never felt better. 

If there was a 6 star option I would click that right away!!

Jerry M.

DR.FAIR SAVED ME FROM SURGERY! Do I really need to say more? He is the real deal!
I hurt my back while working out a few years ago and have been to a few other chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical doctors. But every single one gave me some BS answer on what the problem was. The medical doctor and PT both told me I needed SURGERY! BUT Dr.Fair solved the problem and had me back in the gym in just 4 visits!!! Seriously 4 Visits! He looked at my MRI and Xrays and walked me through all the questions I had (which no other doctor ever took the time to do) and then talked to me about what he could do. SUPER IMPRESSED! Thanks Dr.Joe for getting me back in the gym and saving my back! Your the man! I just sent my mom and sister in to see you too!

Brian A.

Dr. Fair is spectacular!! He was referred to me by a friend while in Los Angeles. I was having a difficult time sleeping because of my rest legs syndrome. My friend told that going to a chiropractor might help and told me about Dr. Fair. I was skeptical, but went away. It worked and when I say it worked, I mean I started sleeping better immediately. For the last 8 years I had been using (2) .25 mg tablets of Requip every night and occasionally during the day. Since I've been getting adjusted by Dr. Fair I've reduced my usage by half at night and haven't had the need to use it during the day. It's so exciting to see him move closer to my home, no more catching him while I'm on the road.

Ryan K.

Joey is awesome! I came in with back tightness that had been bothering me for years. His adjustments were great and he showed me techniques on how to improve strength in my core and back. His approach was perfect for me. I highly recommend him to anyone, but especially people who enjoy athletics and working out.

Yesenia D.

Joey was extremely helpful! I came to him with a horrible back pain. I couldn't sit or lay down. I felt so comfortable because he knew the type of work outs we would at crossfit. He explain to me the cause on my pain. With one adjustment I felt a difference. I would absolutely recommend him to my friends and family.

Christian I.

Definitely would recommend to anyone. He talked me through everything and not only fixed my problems but explained what to do to prevent my problems from coming back. I was very anxious coming in to begin with because I've never had a good chiropractor but after today I will absolutely be coming back for regularly scheduled appointments.

Tracy M.

Dr. Fair is awesome! His staff is always friendly and polite no matter what. Dr. Fair can be chatty but he always has good advice and vast knowledge not just chiropractic care. He has help both me and my daughter with multiple injuries. Thank you for all you do!!

Mike W.

Best chiropractor in town. Super knowledgeable and can even do muscle work. I've been to a few other places and they don't compare. I'll never go to another one again as long as he is in business.

Pon L.

Dr. fair was great. Felt awesome after my adjustment and muscle work. Front desk was really helpful and friendly.

Cassie Y.

I can’t even begin to put into words how much Dr. Fair helped me. To be able to do things I haven’t been able to in YEARS and to know I am continuing to improve is amazing. I tried lots of different medications and treatments for my knee issues, but none helped. Even surgery only had a 50% chance of fixing my issue. I am beyond thankful for Dr. Fair and what he has done for me!

Megan G.

I had horrible headaches and shoulder pain before going in to see Dr.Fair. I tried other chiropractors, physical therapists, and medical doctors in Modesto, but none of them took the time to find the root of the problem. I was starting to lose hope that I would ever get relief, but then I was told about Dr.Fair. He sat with me and spent the time needed to diagnose and treat the ROOT of my problem and in just 3 visits I was completely out of pain! I cannot express how greatful and blessed I am to have found him. Thank you so so much Dr.Fair! 

Dana C.

My husband hasn't had an adjustment in over a year. We moved to Modesto and he just never looked into finding a new one & he LOVED his Dr. Frigard in Tracy. Long story short he has been in pain so I Yelped best chiropractor and Joseph Fine came up. I called @ 9am & he was in there by 10am. Per my husband, "He is THE best I have EVER been too"! He left there feeling amazing & cant wait to go back for maintenance.

Trevor P.

Dr. Fair is amazing! I can't put into words how awesome he is. I came in Monday I was broken from a bulging disc my lower back was out. I was in a severe antalgic poster(shoulders offline from my hips and my head offline from my shoulders) I was a mess, Dr. Fair let me vent and explain too him the horrible pain I was going through, I couldn't even put a sock on my foot. He then let me know what he thought it was and let me know that he would try one thing to see if it works or not and if not then next appointment he can try something else. Well he got it first try I left the appointment feeling like a new man. I went too checkup appointment today, I let him know everything was going great and he did some follow up work on me too make sure I stay upright and healthy. Dr. Fair has magIc in his hands and you can tell he knows exactly what he's doing. He literally changed my quality of life in 2 appointments all within one week

Will S.

I been to two other chiropractors and they basically had a " one size fits all" treatment plan, but not Dr. Joseph. I went in with neck and back pain and he explained to me that he could do adjustments, but the problem would keep coming back unless i get rid of the knots I had. Dr. Joseph uses different techniques (not just adjustments), the same ones that pro athletes uses and it works for every day normal working people as well. He took the time to ask if there was anything else bothering me and boy am I glad I told him about my hip tightness and pain from an ankle sprain I had years ago. I felt almost as good as new in just a couple of visits. Another thing that I like about Dr. Joseph is that he's always on time for appointments and I'm not sitting in the waiting room forever. Other chiropractors I been to don't really show this kind of respect for my time.

Ann E

I tell people that Dr. Fair has magical powers. My first visit to him earlier this year had me dragging one leg because of lower back pain. I'd been suffering that for 3 days before it became unbearable. Found Dr. Fair through Yelp and made my first appointment with a chiropractor in about 12 years! Walked in dragging a leg and after my appointment, I could skip out to my car...magic, I tell you! And I have made it a point to go in at least once a week and again, I walk in with severe pain in my neck and shoulder area every time and every time, I walk out feeling instant relief. He is also great at explaining, in laymen's terms, what is happening inside causing the pains and what he is doing to remedy it. I haven't been to many chiropractors but I won't be going to anyone but Dr. Fair!
Call Us: (209)521-1122
 1421 Standiford Ave. Suite B, Modesto,Ca 95350